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Christ is Coming Soon!  Time is Running Out Fast!  Win Souls for Christ!

"I received my order today and found the tracts were exactly what I was looking for. Great graphics, Great message, Great Job! Thank you for your help! My wife and I minister to anyone that will give us an ear. Please keep us in your prayers." In the name of Jesus, S. Smith
Evening Spencer, (Testimonial from Korea)
Just received my Korean GO! Gospel tracts and I'm ready to start distributing!  My Korean is a little shabby, but it's a work in progress.
I work for the Air Force as a contractor and live here in South Korea and had been looking for Korean Gospel tracts for months and got
discouraged and began to give up.  I'm glad the Holy Spirit never gives up because I Googled KGT (Korean Gospel Tracts) a 2nd time and
came up with this site. It's amazing.  Hopefully, I can inspire other Saints to get involved outside the base as a continue to begin to get
involved off-base and bear witness to the Gospel.  Thank you again very much and look forward to running out of these tracts fast.  
If you know what I mean! - Steve Glover, harvester for the Lord.
I did receive the GO tracts ordered and have begun distribution. Thank you for your rapid response and shipment.
No time wasted in getting out the "Good News." I am distributing tracts in my daily travels and sharing the opportunity with others in my circle
of influence to do likewise. I have also volunteered to be responsible for the tract ministry at my church. There are numerous opportunities to
further spread Gods word as we have all been called to do. Please pray that the doors will be opened to me and that I will be obedient to
Gods calling. Thank you for your part in equipping the saints and for your prayers.  Blessings, Denny

Hello Spencer, I just received my evangelism tracts and I thank you for sending them so quickly.  I plan to use them for my personal

witnessing in my hometown of Racine, WI.  I also want to utilize them in my church’s “new” formal initiative in street evangelism. 
We will be witnessing in our city’s downtown area on Sept 26th.  I have no idea how many of us will be doing this, or how we will go about it,
but know that God has it all in place.  I can hardly wait to be sent out.  Please pray for our church (Grace Baptist, Racine, WI) and for me
(as a relative newbie to Evangelism).  God has truly burdened my heart for the lost and your tracts are wonderful! 

God bless you in your ministry! Serving Him, Denise

Thank you. I've just received the package. Please pray for us that our evangelism activities will be as effective as what God wanted it to be,
when He made you design the tracts that we are using. Thanks. Elizabeth
금번 Veracruz, Mexico 단기선교에서 주방봉사와 서기로 섬겼으며 다른 동역자들과 함께 각자 시간을 쪼개어 GO전도지를 1,000명의
영혼들에게 나눠주고 왔습니다.  겸손히 그리고 적극적으로 전도지를 받고, 받은 자리에서 정독하는 사람들의 모습에서 도리어 많은
은혜를 받았습니다. 전도야말로 가장 강력한 그리스도인의 자기 변증이요, 축복의 통로로서 쓰임받을 수 있는 가장 구체적인 사역중의
하나임을 깨달았습니다. 장로님을 알게 해주신 주님께 감사드립니다. David 권 집사
Hi,, I had received the GO gospel tracts on time, and had already started passing them out.. I don't have a ministry, I just go out, or at work, which is at Walmart and at a factory and preach the gospel when I can or hand out tracts. I will be going out during the 4th with another Christian brother to share the gospel, I am still new at witnessing but the holy spirit doesn't care, because he helps me out..   God Bless in all that ya do,,,, Chrissy
Hello, Today Monday I received my package thank you very much. God bless you and the work you do for God, for me I am joining the ranks
to evangelize, me and a brother from our Bible class will be doing personal work, our goal is to visit prisons and hospitals everywhere there is
need so keep us in your prayers, my name is Fidel Ricardo Chapa and my Brothers name is Oscar Cardenas. Thank you and once again,
May God Bless You! Fidel and Oscar
Thank you for your prompt shipment, I love passing these out and sticking them in FedEx Packages and I am going on a trip in less than
two weeks and desire to give these tracts out...thanks.  Michael
Hi, I am writing about your Gospel Tracts.  I am 47 and have a law enforcement background. I am dedicated to sharing Christ with
everyone I possibly can for the rest of my life.  I was so glad to find your gospel tracks online.  The presentation is clear and very
sound biblically. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I believe Prayer, Bible Study and Witnessing Daily will be my new career for the rest
of my days. It is my hope to obtain church sponsors for this ministry. Thank you for your ministry. Yours in Christ Jesus, David B.
장로님, 안녕하시지요. 전도교실17기 수강생 강익상입니다. 이번주 5강의 끝내고 중국 도문으로 몇개월 아니면 비자 허락하는대로
자비량 선교 또는 전도하러 다녀오고자 하는데 중국어 GO전도지를 주문합니다. 지난 3월 22일 전도교실 1강의를 듣고나서 지금
이 시간까지 너무나 exiting한 가운데 한국인, 미국인, 라티노계등에게 전도하고 있습니다. 예수님 영접하고나서 근 28년만에
맛보는 기쁨으로 흥분하고 있습니다. 중국으로 떠나기전에 전도교실로 인도하신 하나님께 나무나 감사하며 전도교실 섬기시는
사역자분들께도 감사드립니다. 다음주일 5강시에 뵙겠습니다. 강익상 집사
Thank you for the order we placed with you guys, we already received it. Thank you!  We are a Spanish church and we do door to door
evangelism or outreach at the park, we really liked the GO Evangelism tracts. We will need more. Our church name is "Rey de Reyes"  
means King of Kings. Pray for us us as we reach our community for Jesus. Maria
I am with Watersource Ministries based in Loveland, CO. I was searching the internet for ministries similar to ours, and found you.
I am so encouraged to see your passion and devotion to the Great Commission! You are right, it is why we are here and
we should always be laboring in the fields that are ripe for harvest!
Our ministry is devoted to preaching the Gospel, teaching others to witness biblically and effectively, as well as connecting witnesses.
So far, God has used us to establish a few groups in Colorado so that now we have groups from Fort Collins in the north, down to Pueblo,
in the south. Praise God for His mercy and willingness to use us! I have read through your website and only have one question:
Do you train people on the conversational side of things? I ask this because sometimes people want to talk after receiving a tract.
I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to peruse our website, especially our Gospel page. God bless you and your teams as you
share the Truth! ~ Christine
Hi Spencer, I did receive the tracts the day after I ordered.  I believe it was last Thursday.  Good job on your part...thank you.
As for a ministry description: I realized that I have not been witnessing as much as I used to and decided it was time to start up again.
I attend church regularly but will be doing this on my own as the spirit leads.  I am going to have some friends lay hands on the tracts
today and pray for boldness and pray against any fear.  Sometimes I chicken out. Any prayers you can send my way would be greatly
appreciated. Any prayer you or your ministry needs?  If so, I will keep you in prayer too. Thanks again. Winona
To the generous workers at GO Evangelism! THANK YOU so much for the powerful tracts that you provided. They are such a blessing to
our ministry. Last week we were acknowledged by the college as an official campus organization, praise the Lord!  We will now be able to
host events on campus and utilize many college resources. Thank you for your prayers!  God Bless, Cornerstone Campus Ministries.
Thank you so much! I have received my order. I live in the projects in west Tampa, FL. This is a drug and crime  infected area, with many
young people around, I see the need for salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep me in your prayers, I would also like to gather some of
the little kids and start Bible study for them, but I am praying about it that the Lord will provide the financial help because I don't work,
I'm disable., and I would like to buy books and tools to help me teach the kids. I know, God is able! and He, will provide!
May the Lord Bless your ministry! Thank you! May God Bless You and your Ministry, Today and Always! Mayra Luz M. Tampa, FL.
Dear Spencer, Please be advised that my tracts arrived in good order. My ministry is to put tracts in the hands of those who are able to
distribute them where needed since I am 75 yrs old and have severe arthritis plus other ills. For many years I was on the road and gave out
many tracts but now I have a friend who lives in State College, Pa. and gives out tracts to the students and others at the Penn State
University. I also give tracts to my church which has a food bank ministry for the needy. I give tracts to any who are willing to distribute
them to the lost. Thank you for your work for our Lord. Barry Whitfield Altoona, PA.
Dear Brother Spencer, Blessings to you too!! Thank you for the tract order confirmation and for your quick acknowledgment.
I received the package today it was a great timing! May the Lord be with you always, your family and the brothers in your ministry.
Re: Our Ministry  I am working with the brothers in my church as their leader, one  of my goals this year is to bring more souls to our

Lord Jesus; I will be working with them  and I am trust God that this material is going to be a blessing for our evangelism ministry.  

Please pray for us brother. God Bless you! Hno. Gonzalo Macias, Iglesia De Jesicristo en Simi Valley CA  
Dear Spencer, We (my tenant and I) received your tracts a few days ago, and are delighted with them. They present a good foundation
for being saved, and then excellent directions for to beginning to live  life with Christ. My tenant, Arlene, (who is elderly like me) likes to
give out tracts when she goes out, (usually to do shopping or to see doctors).  Our friend Don (who is also elderly like us) also likes to
hand out tracts, and witness while he and witness while he moves about town;  he often goes to town just to hand out tracts.
Thank you for your prompt service, and excellent material. Sincerely, Eileen, Middletown, NY. (Received on December 24, 2008)
Hello Brother Spencer: Before I start, let me say these are the most eye catching, powerful tracts I have ever used, they are concise,
to the point just what I need. I recently  started ministering @ 42 street Times Square train station as you know not the easiest area, but
this is where the Lord sent me 2 years ago, as he revealed it to me in a dream. After 2 years of reasoning with God as to why it was so
dangerous, for me to be there, it's obvious that God always has the last word. Please keep me in your prayers, I'm there every Friday evening. Sister Elizabeth, N Bergen, NJ
조영장로님, 반갑습니다. 저는 지용훈목사입니다. 현재 저는 뉴욕 맨하탄 노방전도자입니다. 주께서 주신 지역은 특별히
Wall Street과 Times Square이며 오고 가며 subway에서도 찬양으로 하나님의 이름을 선포하고 복음을 전하고 있습니다. 
두 장소는 특별히 맘모니즘의 상징으로서 돈의 배후에서 역사하는 악한 영과 전투를 하게 하십니다. 사람이 하나님과 돈
두주인을 동시에 섬길수 없다는 말씀에 비추어 보면 저 두장소는 사단의 심장부인 것이 믿어집니다.
찬양과 중보기도로서 영적전쟁을 싸우게 하시며 동시에 그곳에 방문하는 세계인들에게 복음을 전하게 하십니다.
서울대 성악과를 졸업한 제가 오페라 singer가 될 것을...복음 전도자로 전환시키시고 하나님의 나라를 위해 사단이
알 수 없는 비밀병기로서 직접 뛰게 하십니다. 성령께서 저를 보호하시기 때문에 사단의 등잔밑이 어두운 것이라 믿습니다.
이곳 뉴욕예일장로교회에서 전도집회를 하셨던 것으로 알고 있으며 GO전도지를 통해서 많은 역사들이있습니다.
GO전도지는 정말 탁월하고 좋습니다. 그 전도지를 통해서 많은 역사들이 있습니다. 유대인 할머니, 힌두교 신자,
동성연애자, 각 나라족속들등...많은 사람들이 예수님을 영접하는 일들이 있었구요. 항상 감사하게 생각하고 있습니다.
Please keep in touch...in the Holy Spirit
"We were happy when we received the boxes of more "Tracts" that you sent. Now we can go out and witness for Jesus. The tracts
are what is needed, it is easy to show the people the scriptures with the pictures and the people accept it.  We go to laundry mats,
service stations, and parking lots, walks the neighborhood roads and the streets giving out the tract and telling the people about Jesus.
May are happy to receive it. The GO Evangelism tracts make it easy to talk with people about Jesus. Thank you so much and may
Jesus continue to bless you and your ministry.                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. W. Mann, Bakersfield, CA
Greetings from Apostles of Gospel Ministries International. God bless you all. I am Rev. Iftikhar Indryas, Founder of AGMI in Pakistan.
We are planting House Churches in all over the Pakistan. We have thousands of fellow workers in Pakistan working with us in Lord's
Harvest from many years, Praise the Lord as we are organizing Evangelistic Meeting in all Pakistan and AGMI have Street Evangelism
Ministry in Pakistan. I am blessed to find your gospel tracts, Praise the Lord with your literature. I believe people are coming to know
our Lord. I believe through these Tracts our people in Pakistan will be blessed. Please remember our Team in your daily prayers.
Next year, we'd like to publish all four tracts one hundred thousands each, total four hundred thousands in our language URDU.
I believe that when our people study these tracts, they will start thinking "Where they are going." and "Who is the Master of their lives."
We love you in the Lord. In His Service,                                                                                                    Rev. Indryas, Pakistan
Please send us another 3,000 Tracts as our Church Street Evangelism Team had participated the County Fair last week and depleted
all our Tract inventory by distributing to thousands of people who attended the Orange County Fair. God bless you and your ministry.
                                                                                                                   Director of Evangelism Team, SC Antioch Church
God bless you. Thank you very much for your prompt shipment of our order. I will call you very soon to order some more tracts.
Yesterday we gave away 120 tracts at one time. Our Street Evangelism Team love these tracts. Thank you again. I will call you soon.
                                                                                                                                          Pastor L. Orozco, Port St Lucie, FL
Please send us 2,000 more tracts including 500 Spanish version as we urgently need them for the upcoming Mission Conference.
The first 1,500 tracts we'd ordered several weeks ago have already been distributed.  In Him,            Mission Pastor, Inland Church
We would like to order 10,000 tracts in an assortment of 4 different cover designs to be distributed by our Street Evangelism Team.
Thank you so much. We pray for your ministry.                                                     Senior Pastor, Calvary Faith Church, L.A., CA
Please send us another 6,000 tracts in Spanish as our Church Mission Team will be distributing them in Mexico during the upcoming
Outreach Mission Trip. God bless your ministry.          David Park, Youth Leader, Siloam Community Church, San Leandro, CA

Thank you Spencer, for caring.  Yes, I received the gospel tracts and have already given half of them out to Spanish speaking day

laborers. I brought them lunch and the 'bread of life'.  I am bi-lingual and have a ministry to Hispanic children in trailer parks and

apartment complexes. This summer I am seeing literally over 200 a week.  My aim is to evangelize the Hispanics who live on the

periphery of live in the US. The tracts are for Moms who come to the meetings and their Dads of which many are day laborers. 

Again thanks. It is the first time I have used your tracts.  They are very graphic and strongly worded.  But the danger is real...

we must warn them! Joyfully Serving Jesus the Christ,   G Hacker


Dear Brother!  Our God is Good God!

Praise the Lord, our faithful Jesus Christ,  I gave new order yesterday to print One Hundred thousand more Tracts for Event of
Catholic Village, I was praying God Provide me Money for this Amazing Work,  Praise the Lord for One Muslim Businessman!
He had received his GO Evangelism Tract from our First Publishing in Faisalabad, and He came to know Our Lord Jesus Christ
through this Tract. Today he RANG me on my Cell Phone and Called me to His Textile Factory, he Give me $1100 Pakistani
Rupee 87000.  Praise the Lord!  God is Touching the heart of Muslims through these Powerful tracts!
He gave His Testimony last Night When I was Sleeping Jesus Christ Came and Said I need you , I am your Savior, He said
this Morning When I Study these Tracts Once again, and I was Feeling I was Going to Hell, and My Life was not Saved, Then
I call you Pastor Iftikhar to let you know that I Accepted Jesus Christ as My Personal Savior, Please take this Money and print
more tracts and reach other Muslims brothers through these Tracts.  Amen, In His Service,  Pastor Iftikhar Indrays, Pakistan
More Testimonials Below:
Click on Any Cover Design Below To View the Contents. 
Powerful Gospel Tracts in "English" (Total 12 Pages)
Actual Size: 3 1/2" x 5 3/8", Super High Glossy Finish! Price: As low as $0.14 each, FREE UPS Delivery!
Powerful Gospel Tracts in "Spanish" (Total 12 Pages)
Actual Size: 3 1/2" x 5 3/8", Super High Glossy Finish! Price: As low as $0.14 each, FREE UPS Delivery!
Powerful Gospel Tracts in "English, Spanish and Korean" (Total 24 Pages)
Actual Size: 3 1/2" x 5 3/8", Super High Glossy Finish! Price: As low as $0.20 each, FREE UPS Delivery!
Good news they arrived! I am happy with the quality of the tract and am going to share some immediately with some preacher friends
and solicit any feedback from them. As far as our intended usage, we hand out several hundred per week (sometimes per day) at a
nearby college town. Needless to say we are a small church group and have limited resources and are often limited by available funds.
As the Lord helps and provides souls shall be reached, and the Kingdom of God increased. We indeed look forward to the victory of the
gospel over the darkness which seems so entrenched in this world, the ushering in of the glad millennial day, and the coming general 
judgment when all shall be judged and be rewarded accordingly.       On-war for the Kingdom,  Brad Fultz
Thank You Spencer! I would very much appreciate your prayers for our ministry in Christ Jesus. I'm simply purchasing the tracts as tool 
for anyone and everyone that does need more in depth details about becoming Born Again (Saved). My first introduction to becoming
Born Again was through reading a Bible tract. It is a visual aide that a person can read over and over again until the Lord Grace shines
upon them. All in HIS timing. GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY!  In Christ!!!  Joyce
Hello Brother Director of Go Evangelism Inc. I am Evangelist Labin. We are running with Street Ministries in Faisalabad ,
I see your tract and get 1000 tracts from your Co-Fellow worker Rev. Iftikhar Indryas in Pakistan. I ask him more to distribute
among the Unsaved People in Faisalabad , please can you ask Rev. Iftikhar to provide more tracts to distribute among
Non believers in Faisalabad, God give me very Anointed team in Faisalabad I am sure through these tracts we can reach
thousands of Unsaved People in Faisalabad.  Only for Jesus. Evangelist Labin from Faisalabad, Pakistan
Dear Brother Spencer, I received  all the tracts that were ordered.  Our ministry has been one of starting new churches. 
We started in Spain in the 70s and this is the last church we started here in Florida.  I do not know how many more we can start. 
My wife and I are retired from secular jobs. We try to reach Spanish and English speaking people in this area.  We are in the middle of
construction right now.  We hope that by June of this year we can dedicate the temple to the Lord.  This is a small and poor church on
terms of economy but with a big heart and willing to do will of God.  God Bless You!  Teddy Aponte.
Hi Spencer, I did receive the tracts. thank you very much!  I stamped them with the info of where I attend church Rock of Salvation Church.
I am a Sunday school (9-12 year olds) teacher but I can't always speak to everyone I come in contact with on the street, shopping centers,
fast food pick-ups, etc. because of time, but I can hand them out a tract so they will at least have some kind of direction.
Thank you very much for sending them right away. Took me longer to e-mail you though. Waiting for Jesus Christ's imminent return!
PS. Thank you for your prayers, truly all are answered. Nina.
I am confirming the receipt of my order. These tracts are for personal evangelism.
I am professor at SWBTS - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Houston campus). Thank you!  Paul
Yes I received the tracts. What I do is simple. I order, most of the time, 200 address labels from a company that provides such labels.
I then mail each one of these addresses a track. The labels range all over the contiguous United States. It's a small thing to do, but
you know I have the faith that it will reach a lot of people and that GOD's word doesn't come back empty.
 It would be great if a lot of other people would involve themselves in the same activity. And GOD bless you, Thomas
I received the package and greatly appreciate your help. I plan on using these tracks as a tool to share the Gospel with others as
I go about my day. God bless!  Very Respectfully, West Point Army Cadet Jonathan 
We are so blessed by that, thanks for taking care of the shipping charge. .... Ray goes to the flea market in Willingboro NJ..
it is an African American community... We have been having a prayer meeting in our home while we are the home on Monday
and Tuesday evening from 7 to 9. One of the young men has been getting stirred up, he purchased the tracks the last time...
blessings.. the joy of the Lord is our strength...Anna and Ray
Dear Brother in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
First of all, I would like to tell you that I visited your website which made it possible for us to learn so many things that God is using you
for His own glory. Praise God! My wife and I am converted from Hindus background and God has called us to preach His word among
our own tribal people in Pakistan. Our tribe of Oad Hindus is very small group in numbers who are only found to be in Sindh Province
and according to the Survery 2005 they are about 60000 families. It is very sad that no body from them have ever heard of Jesus Christ.
They are totally un-reached for Jesus. God has given us buren for them to share His word so that they may come to accept Him and
submit their lives to Him. Therefore we have been doing outreaches to reach them. By the Grace of God we have good response from them
to learn with great joy. Due to lack of resources we only have been doing to teach them by stories and using Jesus Film to show them and
teach them the things from God’s word. We need your prayer support to continue His work to be done effectively. Please pray with us and
ask Lord to help us so that we may have more opportunities to reach them to bring them in His kingdom.
Thank you and hope to hear from you, In Christ, Your Brother  Nazeer Mall Od, Pakistan
I would like to order some of the free tract samples. I am volunteering at an assisted living home and would like some for some of my clients
about salvation and where we spend eternity. I can't afford to buy them right now because I am not able to work. Can you help me out,
please?  Thank you and God bless! Pam
Dear Pam, Blessings! Thanks for your godly volunteering work at an assisted living home. We'll be happy to send you some of our gospel
tracts about salvation and where we spend eternity. About 100 units will be shipped tomorrow via UPS at no cost to you as our ministry's
goal is to reach as many souls as possible through the saved Christians such as you who are willing to be obedient for the Great
Commission.    In Him, Brother Spencer,  GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc.
God bless you and thank you so much. I have lead one lady to Christ about 4 hours before she was healed into his arms. Thank you
Jesus. then I had the opportunity to witness to a gentleman last week who is a Mormon and led his in prayer and just wanted to help him
understand better. Again thank you and your ministry and God bless you all. Pam
Thank you, Spencer.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will take these seeds, plow up the ground after they are planted and bring a great
harvest of souls.  BTW, what nationality are you?  I have twin 5 year old girls adopted from China, and I have adult sisters who were
adopted  from Seoul, Korea by my parents in the 1970's.  Mark
Dear Mark, Blessings!  My great, great, great.... grandfather was Noah. In this sense, you and I are brothers.
My nationality is Korean American, the 4th generation Christian. What a blessing to know that your parents had adopted your sisters from
Seoul, the city I'd lived during the first 17 years of my life. I'll pray that the Lord will use your ministry mightily and bring a great harvest of
souls as the time of His return is getting so near. The ultimate goal of our ministry is to translate the gospel tracts into as many foreign
languages as possible and distribute them throughout the world. In Him, Spencer, Director, GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc.
You are correct, my brother, that we are all related in Christ. In fact, we are all attached to the same body, so we're even closer than my
relatives.  I pass out a lot of tracts, and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's hard to do, but God gives more grace.  Mark
Whenever I experience difficulties in distributing the tracts, I always meditate and rejoice on the following verse.
"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me, Rejoice and be glad,
because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Matthew 5:11,12)  Spencer
Thank you so much!  We plan on forwarding Tract samples to the pastor we are working with in Mexico and letting him tell us which
resources he feels would be best.  I will personally order some other things to send along to him. 
Thank you so much for the ministry you provide. Debbie
I am so sorry for taking so long to write and bless and thank you, Brother Spencer for the free tract samples. They are wonderful and I do 
so appreciate it. I am still volunteering at the assisted living facility and in fact a wonderful  Godly man who has been a pastor for 22 years
and I have started a Bible study group on Wed. What a blessing. Again I thank you for the tracts and may God bless you and yours. Pam
I'm trying to get a OTR truck driving job. The main reason is to fulfill my desire to "take up my cross....." I'm starting a ministry
"Trucker Tracts Ministry" (I'm only in the planning stage right now). My plan is to travel North America and hand out Tracts.
Thank you for your time and Ministry. Andras
I just received the tracts and I look forward to handing them out. I pastor a country church in Northern PA. We are in the middle of 
working through the witnessing series: "the Way of the Master." Our folks are really excited and compassionate for the lost.
So your added tracts will be a great tool. Our God is so Good! Thank you for making them available. In His Grip! 
Pastor K. Young, Forest Lake Baptist Church, Montrose, PA
I received  my order today thank you. The name of my ministry is MIRACLE FAITH CENTER IN ORANGE NJ. It  is a Deliverance Ministry, and we greatly welcome your prayers at this time, thanking you again. May God Bless You and the GO Evangelism Ministry.  Bridget
Thanks for your reply.  Besides our ministry I also Pastor a small church.  We're planning on setting up a canopy at the local fairgrounds
on July 4th to hand out the tracts, minister to people with salvation, prayers for healing, etc.  We will hang a sign out saying, 
"Free Prayer".   We appreciate your prayers. God Bless, Pastor Val., Shenandoah, IA
Brother Spencer,  I've just ordered 200 English tracts and 100 Spanish tracts. I would appreciate your prayers as we take a step of faith
and use these anointed tracts for the furtherance of His kingdom.  I've not seen anything like this take place in Michigan.  I am going to
the city court house to see what I can do about setting up a prayer station somewhere in the city of Pontiac. If you would like, I will keep
you informed regarding our progress. Blessings!  Armida
Hello, My name is Vernell, I want to let you know I received my tracts that I ordered from you today.  Thank you for your prompt delivery. 
I am the director over our Evangelism Team and has bought tracts in the past at a book store and they were very expensive. I thank God
for people like you that are helping the ministry with affordable prices. Yes, will you pray for our Evangelism Ministry @ Inspiring Temple
of Praise Church here in Fort Worth Texas. We are getting ready for our annual food and clothes give away on Saturday June 28th that
it will affect lives to Christ and let the community know that God still loves them!  God bless you!   Ms. Vee
I received the tracts today.  Thank you. The Youth Ministry of Rutgers Community Christian Church in New Jersey will have an outreach
program on July 18. We pray that through this meeting, many young people will know Jesus and receive Him as their personal savior.
God bless your ministry, too!  In Him,  C.H. Huang
PLEASE PRAY; I have Been sick since my tracts arrived. that will not stop me. its only a temporary setback. I have seen my nation being
slowly taken over by haters of light. I am compelled to do my part and make the truth known. pray for me for I know the haters of light will
try to stop me but I am persuaded that  GOD is with me and  I shall prevail. thanks for the tracts I really like them and I know they will work.
My name is E. BRISTER remember me in prayer. Thanks!  Your brother in CHRIST.
I am happy to write this letter to you. On this day which the Lord has made Ps. 118:24.
I am a Muslim and a student. Some one gave me your wonderful biblical leaflet last year to read it one cool morning. I was touched and
realized that I was a lost sinner. I was in darkness. I needed to become a Christian so that I could be saved. Then I prayed and right and
then I was convinced and converted to a living church where Bible was being preached. Sincerely I can now see the true light, which is J
esus, the Savior of the world.  I have received Him as my only Lord and Savior, praise the Lord. I can now see my life changed and the
Lord is so good to me. He has put a smile on my face and my name is now John.   Yours all in Christ.  Brother John O.
Dear Brother Spencer Cho, God bless you!
Brother We are all Well here in Pakistan Recently 50000 Tracts are Distributed in Second Largest City of Pakistan LAHORE ,
Our Fellow workers distributed these Tracts in Hospitals , Bus Stands, Railway Station in Crusades in Lahore,
Praise the Lord People are Coming to know Our Lord Jesus Christ through these Powerful Tracts in URDU,
Brother We are so so thankful for your Ministry to Pakistan,
Brother On 5-6-7 September 2008. More than 1 Million People gather in Catholic Village MARIAM ABAD, and this Event every Year
Organized from Catholic Congregation, Catholic Concept is in 1958 HAIL Marry Appear in this Village , this Village Established in 1902
and Catholic  Congregation Make very Big Idol of Marry and People around the Country Come to Bow Front of Mary Idol,
Brother We have Passion to Distribute Tracts in this Event , Brother we believe If we Distribute these Tracts in this Event We will Win
Thousands Thousands Lost for Lord Jesus in this Event, and  Catholic People will Come to know truth through these Powerful Tracts,
Brother Our all team is always eager to Sow the Seed of Gospel in this thirsty and hard Land
I am already thankful what you done for Lost in Pakistan, We Love you and Praying for you and all Team,
                                                                                             In His Service Iftikhar Indryas
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